What People Are Saying






I have been working with Boko Suzuki for about a year and a half now. He has completely transformed my life for the better. He is simply the best personal trainer that there is. I am healthier and happier then I have ever been and it is all because of Boko. If you are looking to transform your life and get healthy then working with Boko will be the best choice you ever made; it was for me.


I was never excited about exercise, but I was turning 60 and had spent too many years in a sedentary job.  I have MS, my balance was abysmal and I was tired of falling over.  I have five grandchildren; it has always been important to me to be the “cool” grandma—that meant I needed greater strength and stamina to keep up with them.  It seemed like the best thing I could do to reach those goals was to go to the gym and get fit. It just wasn’t happening on my own, so I decided I needed a personal trainer.  I worked with a few trainers, and it was when I started working with Marie that things really started to click.  My photos from just the past two months show an improved me as a result of exercise and a better diet.  I am becoming stronger and have gained greater balance than I have had in years.  Marie has taught me to find and strengthen my core, proper form, the types of movements/exercise needed to target problem areas, and the importance of good nutrition. She knows how to encourage and motivate me.  I actually have developed an appreciation for a good workout. I stand straighter, I am developing some muscle definition (who knew I had muscles?) and my abdominal muscles are stronger and flatter than I think they have ever been!   I continue to work on the original goals and added additional ones of being cute and sassy.  Marie is confident I will reach all my goals!


After working with Marie for close to a year, I have lost close to 40 pounds and cut my body fat by 10 % while gaining muscle and definition in areas that were previously non-existent. This could not have been done without her. Whether it was pushing me on the days I did not want to do anything or challenging me with difficult exercises, she definitely knows how to get the best out of me. She cared so much about my progress and fitness and invested so much time into helping me get to where I want to be that I got to the point where it was like, “I cannot let Marie down, she is giving me 100%, I have to give the same.” If you are considering getting a personal trainer, look no further – you have found her. Marie is a master at what she does and as good as it gets in the business; the best you could ask for.


When I first started working with Boko, I couldn’t climb the flight of stairs up to my work office without pulling myself up with the handrail and being winded when I reached the top.  Now, I can easily walk up the steps and not think twice about it.  I had a list a mile long of things I thought I was unable to do when I walked into the gym including squats, lunges, push-ups etc.  I felt I was too big, weak, and uncoordinated to workout and I had aches and pains in several joints any time I tried to exercise.  I couldn’t imagine what we would be doing for 50 minutes.  Step by step Boko taught me how to do each exercise properly so that I was getting significantly stronger and remaining safe and pain free in the process.  At this point, I actually look forward to my workouts and I am frequently surprised and encouraged by the things I can do now and the progress I’ve made.