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Our team of fitness professionals at Paragon boasts prestigious national certifications in personal training/coaching, as well as specialized expertise in areas such as corrective and orthopedic exercise, golf fitness, and barefoot training. Furthermore, we go the extra mile by subjecting our entire staff to Paragon’s rigorous certification program, guaranteeing our clients receive unparalleled service of the utmost quality. While each of our fitness professionals brings a distinct and personal style to their work, our shared commitment remains unwavering—to empower our clients in attaining the highest standard of living possible. Discover the dedicated support you need to reach your peak quality of life at Paragon.

General Manager

Meet Patrick, a devoted husband, proud father of two, and a certified personal trainer accredited by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. As the owner of Paragon Fitness, Patrick’s lifelong dedication to sports and fitness has been steadfast. He has tirelessly advocated for a healthy lifestyle among his friends and family. After spending nearly two decades in the corporate world, Patrick made the bold decision to transform his passion into a fulfilling career, turning his dreams into reality.

With a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Management and a background as a former D1 collegiate athlete, Patrick brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Paragon Fitness. This venture is the culmination of his extensive business acumen combined with his unwavering passion.

We understand that adopting a healthy lifestyle can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. At Paragon Fitness, we believe in harnessing the power of that one precious hour you spend at the gym to simplify your life. That’s where we come in. Our mission is to equip you with the knowledge and guidance necessary for your success. Let us teach you the blueprint to triumph in your health and fitness journey.

Director of Operations / Master Certified Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist

Meet Cody Cassidy, the Director of Operations at Paragon Fitness, who also holds the esteemed titles of Master Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist. With a personal journey that involved overcoming weight loss challenges, Cody brings over 10 years of professional personal training experience to the table. His expertise stems not only from his own fitness experiences but also from the thousands of hours he has dedicated to working with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Cody’s extensive knowledge in the fitness industry, complemented by multiple NASM certifications, equips him with a wide range of expertise to help clients achieve their desired transformations. Alongside his career as a personal trainer, Cody discovered a passion for Powerlifting. Since 2016, he has actively competed in Powerlifting, garnering multiple Colorado state records and even a national record across different federations. Holding an elite total in the 165lb weight class, Cody has also taken on the role of coaching Powerlifting, further enriching his personal training journey.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to helping others reach their goals, Cody’s ultimate objective is to assist individuals in achieving their aspirations, whether it’s shedding pounds, setting new personal bests, or embracing a long and healthy life. At Paragon, Cody is thrilled to have the opportunity to carry out his passion in an environment that fosters success for both himself and his clients.

Master Certified Fitness Professional

Meet Jake Berres, a Master Certified Fitness Professional with a genuine passion for fitness and a deep-rooted desire to help others. Inspired by his own athletic background, Jake understands the incredible satisfaction that comes from setting goals and working diligently to achieve them. He firmly believes that fitness has the power to transform lives. As a personal trainer, Jake is committed to guiding individuals on their journey to make the necessary changes for the life they truly desire, regardless of any previous feelings of intimidation, discouragement, or frustration.

Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, or enhanced performance, Jake is ready to help you unlock your full potential. With his expertise as a NASM certified personal trainer and NASM corrective exercise specialist, he possesses the knowledge and skills to tailor workouts specifically to your needs. Jake’s approach combines hard work with a lot of fun, ensuring a positive and enjoyable fitness experience. Together, you can conquer your goals and embark on the path to the fulfilling life you aspire to lead.

In addition to his qualifications, Jake also brings the experience of being a collegiate rower, further enhancing his understanding of the physical demands and discipline required to excel in athletic endeavors. With Jake’s guidance, you can embrace a transformative fitness journey and unleash your true potential.

Certified Fitness Professional

Meet Marie Borquez, a passionate certified fitness professional dedicated to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. Inspired by her own experience with scoliosis, Marie chose the path of fitness at a young age, igniting a lifelong passion for well-being. With a background in organized sports and dance, Marie pursued her studies in exercise science at Liberty University and graduated in 2003.

With years of experience as a personal trainer, including work at LA Fitness and leading beach boot camps, Marie has honed her expertise in private training, partner training, and small group training. She understands that each client is unique, with diverse goals and needs, all striving for a healthier, stronger, and happier life.

Marie’s personalized approach combines resistance training, core activation techniques, and expert nutrition guidance to help you achieve transformative results. Whether your aim is weight loss, lean muscle gain, pain reduction, improved mobility, healthier eating habits, or increased confidence, Marie is committed to your success.

Beyond fitness, Marie is dedicated to creating a safe, positive, and energetic environment where you are supported in all aspects of your life. With Marie, you’ll find a partner who genuinely cares about your well-being and wants to help you thrive.

Embark on a remarkable journey with Marie as your guide and experience the power of her personalized approach. Together, you can achieve your goals and embrace a fulfilling and healthy life. Let’s take the first step together.

Certified Fitness Professional

Meet Jordan Clark, a dedicated professional athlete, certified personal trainer, and Registered Nurse. With a profound passion for helping individuals become the best version of themselves, Jordan understands that fitness and nutrition are not one-size-fits-all solutions. He recognizes the unique goals, abilities, and genetics of each person, emphasizing the importance of tailoring training plans to their specific needs. Jordan’s ultimate goal is to provide clients with individualized plans that not only help them reach their goals but also enhance their overall health and functionality.

As an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer, Jordan combines his expertise in fitness with his experience as a professional soccer player and Registered Nurse with a specialization in orthopedics. This multifaceted background allows him to offer comprehensive guidance and support, catering to each client’s specific requirements and aspirations.

Jordan’s commitment lies in empowering individuals to become healthier, more functional human beings. By crafting personalized plans, he ensures that clients receive the precise guidance and support necessary for their unique fitness journey. Whether the goal is weight loss, improved athletic performance, or enhanced overall well-being, Jordan is dedicated to helping clients realize their full potential.

Join Jordan in discovering a customized path to your fitness goals and experience the profound impact it can have on your health and quality of life.


Certified Fitness Professional

Meet Jack Anderson, a dedicated Certified Fitness Professional who prides himself on his ability to train individuals of all backgrounds and body types at the gym. With a strong focus on creating an enjoyable fitness experience, Jack’s primary goal in every session is to help clients find excitement rather than viewing exercise as a chore. He is committed to ensuring that his clients have fun during their sessions together and feel motivated to continue their own exercise routines. Jack’s approach involves teaching clients the underlying principles and reasons behind each exercise, empowering them to understand how to execute safe and enjoyable fitness routines independently.

Jack believes in the effectiveness of both functional and unconventional training methods. While “functional fitness” has become a buzzword, Jack emphasizes the importance of leveraging the human body’s capabilities to incorporate proper movement patterns, achieve aesthetic results, and enhance the ability to overcome physical challenges with confidence and control.

By utilizing fitness tools like kettlebells, sandbags, or a steel mace, along with incorporating strong powerlifting movements, HIIT cardio, and extensive core work, Jack has witnessed his clients achieve goals they once believed were impossible. He has seen individuals transform their initial aspirations into mere warm-up routines. Regardless of your fitness objectives, Jack is committed to three core promises: helping you gain strength and control of your movement patterns, guiding you to master the essentials of fitness in a unique and personalized manner, and always making an effort to bring laughter and enjoyment to your sessions.

Jack is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and holds a specialization as a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist. He graduated from the University of Denver in 2018, earning a degree in Marketing with a minor in Film. With over seven years of one-on-one personal training experience, Jack is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to guide individuals on their fitness journey.


Certified Fitness Professional

Meet Bill Everhardt, a valued member of our team who joined us in 2020, bringing with him a wealth of experience. His journey began with an internship in Collegiate Division I strength and conditioning at Southern University. From there, Bill has explored various realms, including personal training, physical therapy, chiropractic care, corporate wellness, and group exercise. This diverse background has shaped his training philosophy, which integrates these diverse studies to guide his clients in sculpting well-balanced, functional, athletic, and healthy bodies and minds.

Originally from Louisiana, Bill possesses a charismatic personality akin to that of a Retriever-Husky mix and a voice that can’t be ignored. Beyond his professional pursuits, he indulges in his passion for Muay Thai, relishing the thrill of the striking and kicking aspects of MMA. Bill also finds joy in snowboarding, running (with 10k races being his preferred distance), and camping (except for the challenges of sleeping on the ground). Despite nearing the age of 30, he has an enduring fondness for video games.

Bill Everhardt brings a dynamic combination of experience, expertise, and a lively spirit to his role as a Certified Fitness Professional. Join him on a journey to cultivate a well-rounded, functional, and healthy lifestyle, where fitness and personal growth intertwine.

Certified Functional Strength Coach

Meet Christopher Smith, a dedicated Certified Functional Strength Coach who is driven by his passion for helping individuals improve their strength, confidence, and overall body movement. Christopher’s expertise lies in merging his love for empowering others with mobility exercises, stretches, and activations to alleviate everyday aches and pains. His ultimate goal is to make training enjoyable and fun while also educating and empowering clients to continue their fitness journey independently. Christopher believes that fitness is a lifelong endeavor and is eager to assist individuals at any stage, whether they are just starting out, returning after a break, seeking something new, or aiming to enhance their performance in any sport. With certifications and a background in sports, Christopher has the ability to cater to a diverse range of clients, regardless of their skill level. As a former collegiate triple jumper and sprinter, he possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in golf and track & field.

Christopher holds certifications including CFSC Level 1&2, FMS Level 1, and NASM CPT. These credentials, coupled with his extensive background in athletics, equip him with the skills necessary to assist individuals from various backgrounds and fitness levels. Embark on a transformative fitness journey with Christopher’s guidance and tap into your full potential in strength, movement, and overall well-being.

BA Physical Education-CSULB, Corrective Therapy Internship- Long Beach, CA Veterans Administration Hospital

Meet Eva (Evie) Van Harte, a dedicated Certified Fitness Professional with a remarkable journey in the world of fitness. After spending several years in Corporate Fitness at Life Fitness and Nordic Track, working in marketing and sales, Eva transitioned to become a wife and mother of two children. During this time, she ran her own swimming business for 25 years while also staying involved in Community Fitness through teaching indoor cycling and participating in running events and Masters Swim Team.

Eva’s introduction to triathlon happened serendipitously when she borrowed her husband’s mountain bike and completed her first Sprint Distance race. It was a memorable experience that sparked her passion for the sport. Over the years, she ventured into longer distances and eventually qualified for the USTA Nationals, embarking on a racing journey that lasted nine years. Throughout her own rigorous training and racing, Eva discovered a deep-rooted desire to help others achieve their fitness goals.

Recognizing the importance of mentorship and a supportive community, Eva pursued numerous certifications in Personal Training, NASM Corrective Exercise, TRX Suspension Training, Teen Health and Fitness, Run Right, Indoor Rowing, and Endurance Triathlon Coaching. She transitioned from the Aquatics Field to focus solely on Personal and Small Group Training.

Eva’s true fulfillment lies in guiding others on their path to happiness and improved health. She believes everyone has their own unique story, whether it’s striving to race a triathlon, learning proper exercise techniques, recovering from cancer or surgeries, or simply getting stronger for everyday activities. Eva understands the significance of having a mentor and coach, as she experienced it firsthand.

Having faced her own share of injuries and setbacks due to her lifestyle and heredity, Eva has gained valuable insights into the body’s needs and resilience. She remains committed to embracing who she is and continuing to fulfill her body’s craving for movement.

Eva’s personal fitness accomplishments are a testament to her dedication and determination. As a Triathlon All American for nine consecutive years, she consistently ranked in the top 5% in the United States. Her achievements include notable races such as the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon, Regional Masters Champion in the half marathon, Regional Champion in Olympic Distance Triathlon, multiple Boston Marathon qualifications, a second-place finish in the Horsetooth Reservoir 10k Endurance Swim in 2018, a fifth-place finish in the World Triathlon Championships in Beijing in 2012, and recognition as an Ironman Bronze All World Athlete in 2016-2017.

Join Eva (Evie) Van Harte on your fitness journey and benefit from her extensive experience, passion for mentoring, and dedication to helping you achieve your goals. Embrace the guidance of a coach who understands firsthand the transformative power of movement and is committed to your success.


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